S.B. Clark Companies


Financial services consulting for community development

Proforma Financial feasibility studies for development and redevelopment

Assists developers and housing authorities in determining appropriate financing types through detailed, iterative financial analysis for new developments or acquisitions, or refinancing existing developments to rehabilitate existing housing or community developments.

  • Discussion regarding 4% and 9% low income housing tax credits (LIHTC),

  • New markets and historic tax credits (NMTC/HTC), and

  • Private activity bonds (PAB), Choice Neighborhood projects, 501 (c) 3 tax-free bonds, bank qualified bonds, lines of credit (mezzanine), and other appropriate financing.

HUD Rad and Mixed Finance

Works with housing authorities to provide appropriate actionable understanding of options around HUD financing intricacies including:

  • HUD disposition/demolition,

  • Mixed finance or RAD projects for using in LIHTC partnerships or straight debt

  • Portfolio analysis for optimizing existing public housing and other affordable housing projects.

Tax Credit Support Services

Assists housing authorities and affordable developers in determining appropriate financing types for new developments or acquisitions, or re-syndication of existing developments to rehabilitate existing housing. The Firm also assists in competitively applying for and securing all appropriate financing sources.

  • Low income housing tax credits (LIHTC),

  • New markets tax credits (NMTC),

  • Historic tax credits (HTC), and

  • Investment tax credits (ITC), including energy credits.

Interest Rate Swaps, Caps, and Collars

Advises clients regarding these derivative applications, providing risk assessment, pricing verification, and execution support. Where appropriate, the firm also assists clients in securing specialized interest rate swap placements.

Financing transaction support Services

Supports and advises an issuer during the preparation and execution of a specific bond financing transaction.

  • Evaluating financing feasibility, private versus public offering formats, and negotiated versus competitively bid pricing execution.

  • Developing the timetable of events and managing, as requested, the closing process.

  • Rating agency presentations and legal document review for negotiated business points and financing structure accuracy.

  • Independent verification of market conditions and preparing post-pricing analysis.

Other Service Examples

  • Debt capacity analysis review of a client's debt capacity, typically employing a comparison analysis to published rating agency medians,

  • Letter of credit or liquidity facility renewals/replacements,

  • Board member education providing “Bond Finance 101, “Low Income Housing Tax Credits 101” and “New Markets Tax Credits 101” and beyond education sessions, and

  • Ongoing market condition reporting.